This is just a temporary page to show what Michael Vincent Rosal is really like - his ethics, temperment, morals, and professionalism (or lack thereof)

Who is Michael Vincent Rosal?


This page is for informational purposes only so that others interacting with Michael Vincent Rosal can make an informed decision in their proceedings with him.

His Emails:

Email and its Content Link to PDF as Proof
He posted a fake review on which was also in violation of the NDA he signed for me. I reminded him of this. After this email was sent and upon proving to that his review was fake, they agreed to delete the review. Download PDF
Michael Vincent Rosal realizes that his fake review was deleted and he says that he will post more. I ask him what he is upset about since he never did any work for us. He never responded. Download PDF
Michael Vincent Rosal, who I have not contacted since my previous email above, emails me and calls me "gay" (I'm not, but I also do not think that term should be used as an insult). I forwarded his emails to the site I hired him from and his account privileges were limited. Download PDF
He emails me, unsolicited, calling me an "idiot muslim" and again threatens to continue posting fake reviews. He claims to have reached out to others who agreed to post bad reviews but I haven't heard from any of them. Download PDF
He emails me again, unsolicited, because the site I hired him on had now limited his account but not yet deleted it. He threatens to change his profile name to my full name followed by "extremist" and then posting fake jobs so that my "reputation is stained." He concludes the email with calling me an a******. Download PDF
I forward all his emails again to the site's admins that I hired him from for their awareness so that they can prevent other honest workers from falling for any scams or wasting their time applying for any fake jobs he may post. That site apparently contacted him and asked for an explanation which resulted in this email.

In this email, Michael Vinecnt Rosal claims he has other accounts on other websites where he gets work from so he doesn't care (nothing to lose) so he continues his racist epiteths saying he will post fake reviews about me and then I will "eat shit pork extremist Al-Qaeda Syria" (whatever that means).
Download PDF


I could ignore all this and block Michael Vincent Rosal but have decided to take a stand because we live in a diverse world and need to respect all cultures, religions, and backgrounds. That is how we build a better world. Say no to cyberbulying, racism, hatred, and people that seek to divide and perpetuate the cycle of instigating others.